Supportive Staff

At the Mayo International, supportive staff work alongside teachers and administrators to create a conducive learning environment and provide assistance to students, parents, and the school community.
School Counselors: School counselors provide guidance and support to students in academic, personal, and social matters. They help students with academic planning, career exploration, and emotional well-being, offering counseling services and resources to address various challenges they may face.

School Nurses: School nurses ensure the health and well-being of students. They provide basic medical care, administer medication, handle emergencies, and collaborate with families and healthcare professionals to support students’ physical health needs.

Special Education Assistants: Special education assistants work closely with special education teachers to support students with disabilities or special needs. They provide individualized assistance, help implement individualized education plans (IEPs), and promote inclusion within the classroom.

School Librarians: School librarians assist students and teachers in accessing and utilizing library resources effectively. They provide guidance on research, support information literacy skills, and promote a love for reading and learning.

Administrative Assistants: Administrative assistants play a vital role in managing the administrative tasks of the school. They handle scheduling, correspondence, record-keeping, and provide general support to teachers, staff, students, and parents.

IT Technicians: IT technicians support the school’s technology infrastructure, ensuring that computers, networks, and educational software are functioning properly. They assist with troubleshooting technical issues, maintaining equipment, and providing training to staff and students on technology usage.

Social Workers: School social workers provide social and emotional support to students and families. They address issues such as bullying, mental health concerns, family dynamics, and community resources. They collaborate with teachers and administrators to create a supportive environment for student well-being.

These supportive staff members, alongside teachers and administrators, contribute to creating a nurturing and inclusive educational environment that fosters academic growth, personal development, and overall well-being for students.