Trip to National Bal Bhawan Museum

  • Date & Time
    • November 10, 2023
    • All day
  • Venue

    Kotla Road, New Delhi - 110002

  • Contact details
    • 987-0327-326

School organized an excursion to National Bal Bhawan Museum on 10th August, Friday, where children showed a great interest in the culture of India. They were benefitted with the huge information about the culture of different countries through the medium of dolls, different Tableau, Toy trains etc.

This excursion made our children’s dreams meet the reality making them so curious about the Heritage and culture of our Society.

The Things which the children used to watch on Mobile phones and their
Pc’s actually met the real beautiful world in the National Bal Bhawan

The National Bal Bhawan Museum is not only limited to kindle dreams in the minds of children but also teach them the first lesson about India’s culture and heritage.

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2023-11-10 All day 2023-11-10 Pacific/Midway Trip to National Bal Bhawan Museum Kotla Road, New Delhi - 110002
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