Puppet Show

  • Date & Time
    • November 15, 2023
    • All day
  • Venue

    Mayo International School

  • Contact details
    • 987-0327-326

The Puppet Show helped our students to stimulate their imagination and think beyond the limits. The students developed their emotional aspects while looking at the puppet’s Non-Expessionalism and the way it works without any flexibility. The Puppet Show improved motor skills too and made the children work more efficiently. The children learned etiquette through the medium of the Puppet Show controlling the puppets. The puppet show helped our students in boosting their confidence in speaking and reading by presenting a different kind of performance. Not only had this but yes the Puppet Show made the students increase group participation and leadership quality in them.

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2023-11-15 All day 2023-11-15 Pacific/Midway Puppet Show Mayo International School
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